Looking For Your Perfect Camp Stove? Look No Further.
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Looking For Your Perfect Camp Stove? Look No Further.

While campfire cooking has a special place in our hearts, we turn to camp stoves when we want our campsite meals cooked quickly and efficiently. But choosing a camp stove can be overwhelming with all the choices out there. We’ll walk you through our stove options and when to use them so you can get back to making hot camp coffee and delicious backcountry dinners. 



Let’s start with the newest first: introducing our new Selkirk two-burner stoves! With two available sizes, the Selkirk 460 and the Selkirk 540, your cooking stove dreams are fulfilled. The Selkirk features sturdy steel construction and a cooking platform that fits 8in and 10in pots side by side. Or two Bugaboo 10" Square Frypan side by side on the Selkirk 540. Simple push-button ignition eliminates frustration and control valves give you ultimate heat control. Folding down to only 3.8in in height, this stove is the perfect fit for car campers, RVers, vanlifers, and road trippers.




Backpackers, this one’s for you. The Pinnacle Canister Stove boasts high-output functionality, durable pot support arms, and a complete nesting design - all while weighing only 0.15lbs. This minimal stove is an ultralight backpacker favorite but doesn’t sacrifice performance. Bonus: fits in the palm of your hand when collapsed. 




Pinnacle stoves are ultra light and high performing, and the 4 Season Stove is no different. A sister to the Canister Stove, this all-season backpacking stove features the same collapsible legs and ultimate packability. What this stove also includes is a remote canister mount for premium performance in any weather. If your backpacking season doesn’t stop when the snow flies, this is the stove for you. 



Another new addition to our camp stove line, the rugged, high-output Glacier Camp Stove is the perfect fit for gourmet backpackers or minimalist car campers. This ultra-fast canister mount stove holds larger cookware safely with a sturdy pot platform and the large diameter burner evenly heats kettles, pots, or pans for stellar meal prep performance. If you’re feeding any number of campers from a couple to a crew but don’t want to lug around a larger stove, this lightweight, stowable option is for you. 


Whatever camp meal you choose, prep it with speed and efficiency with a GSI stove.