What To Bring On A New Year's Eve Camping Trip
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What To Bring On A New Year's Eve Camping Trip

So you’ve decided to ring in the year in the great outdoors. You’ve chosen wisely: you’ll avoid the expensive drinks, Uber surge rates, achy feet from fancy NYE shoes, and boisterous crowds. We’re big advocates of trading New Year’s Eve fireworks for shooting stars and views of the milky way. Here’s what we recommend you bring to make the best of your outdoor New Year’s.



Okay, it’s not New Year’s without a glass of champagne at midnight - but what’s the best way to get a bottle of champagne into the woods, you ask? Never fear, the wine carafe is here! Store an entire bottle of bubbly (or wine, or sparkling cider) in this soft sided wine carafe and rid yourself of the extra weight that carrying a glass wine bottle brings. An easy-pour spout and wide mouth filler cap makes filling a breeze and dispensing a snap. You’ll have to make the “pop” sound yourself, of course, but doesn’t that make NYE even more fun?



Of course, you need something to pour your bubbly into. But who would bring champagne flutes made of glass into the backcountry? We’re here to save your toasts with the Nesting Champagne Flute Set. These bad boys go anywhere with their lightweight, BPA-free material and nesting design. No space in your pack is wasted with these flutes, and you can toast like there’s no tomorrow with your NYE companions without the fear of broken glass.




When the clock strikes twelve, most NYE revelers shoot off confetti poppers and fireworks. If your recreation area allows, bring some sparklers along to celebrate just like you would back home. If your area has fire restrictions, improvise by setting your headlamps on strobe, wrapping your tent in camp lights, or shutting out all light and watching nature’s lightshow - the stars.



A NYE staple is the funky party hat - but when outside in the wintertime, cardboard and elastic string doesn’t tend to hold up. Instead, challenge your friends to bring their funkiest beanie to the festivities. Your head will be warm, and your sparkler-lit photos will be the envy of Instagram.




If you’re waking up on New Year’s Day for a little dawn patrol, you’ll want to caffeinate up (especially after celebrating the night before). Set your adventure up for success with the Gourmet Pourover Java Set - everything you need for your first cup of joe in 2020. Simply grab your favorite mug and get patrolling!



No need for dollar store plastic noisemakers that just get thrown in the trash - make a noisemaker from the gear in your pack! Clink your poles together, bang a spoon on your camp cup, or pull your duct tape off the roll for a similar celebration sound. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and award a prize to the best DIY noisemaker of the night. Of course, make sure you’re out of range of any other NYE campers and keep the noise making to a minute or two of disturbing the peace nature has to offer.



Once you’ve assembled your crew and your gear, you’re ready for the perfect New Year’s celebration: which is any New Year’s celebration that goes down outdoors.

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