Can You Check Everything Off This Winter Activity List?
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Can You Check Everything Off This Winter Activity List?

For many, winter is the season where we get much less active - backpacking trips give way to nights on the couch, hiking turns into chairlift lapping. To stave off the cabin fever, we made this list of winter activities you can partake in to bring the joy back to the snowy season. See if you can accomplish each one before the snow melts!



  • Go stargazing - there are many fascinating astrological events during the wintertime, and shorter days give you more time to observe meteor showers, northern lights, or just the beauty of the stars.
  • Snowball fight - you can’t make it through the winter without partaking in a snowball fight… it’s just not right. Gather your pals and start balling.
  • Mix up gourmet hot cocoa - grab your trusty mug, your hot cocoa base, and start experimenting with mix-ins. Candy canes? Schnapps? Powdered peanut butter? Let us know what combinations you prefer. Best enjoyed outside (or at least sitting by a window and watching the snowfall)
  • Make a snow angel - maybe you already plop into piles of powder and whip out a snow angel, but if you haven’t angel-ed since childhood, we suggest rekindling that fire now. It does wonders for wintertime stress.
  • Sit by a fire - hopefully a campfire, as all the best gatherings seem to be around one… but if a campfire isn’t going to be achievable due to the winter weather, gathering around a wood stove is just as good. There’s something about the warmth and orange glow that can be the perfect supplement to a snowshoe trip or ski day.
  • Go ice skating on a frozen pond - lace up and get your blood pumping the old school way. If you don’t have a safely iced-over pond nearby, a rink works just as well to get some cold air moving through your lungs and the winter magic flowing.
  • Melt snow for your coffee - this classic winter activity is easy to achieve, as long as you have some snow. Find some clean, untouched snow and bring it to a boil in your favorite pot. The patience will pay off when you brew some delicious wintery coffee outside.
  • Parking lot apres - choose a winter adventure: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, nordic skiing. Then go do that adventure. When you’re finished, return to the parking lot and enjoy a drink that makes you happy with the people you adventured with. The parking lot beer or coffee (kept warm in an insulated bottle) is an outdoor adventure staple and can make snowy adventures even more worth it.
  • Set up a camp game tournament - competition is a great excuse to spend some quality time with friends outdoors. Set up a camp game in the snow and start building your bracket. May the best gamer win!



If you’re feeling the wintertime blues, try indulging in some fun and easy adventures that get you out in the fresh air. Spring will be here before you know it!

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