The Best Gear For Cooking Over An Open Flame
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The Best Gear For Cooking Over An Open Flame

Compact cookware, high-efficiency stoves, and clean-burning fuel makes cooking outdoors these days rather exciting - but sometimes we yearn for the comfort and simplicity of campfire cooking. If you want to try kicking back by the fire pit and whipping up an excellent campfire meal, here’s the gear to get you started.


First things first - you need something to hold your cookware (or your hot dogs) above the flames. You can’t go wrong with the heavy-duty Folding Campfire Grill. Welded stainless steel grilling surface can withstand the heat for generations of use while sturdy folding legs keep your meal out of the coals. This handy grill stows away with ease to make your campfire cooking experience as easy as pie.



Once your grill is in order, you’ll want a campfire-friendly cookset for your meals. A great place to start is the GS Base Camper Medium - a full cooking set including a 2 liter graduated pot, 3 liter graduated pot, strainer lids, 9in fry pan, and storage sack. Not only are these pots and pan compact, they fully nest together to ensure easy travel - and stainless steel construction guarantees even, controlled heat when balanced above your campfire.

If your camping style is geared towards large groups versus small get-togethers, opt for the Troop Cookset instead. The same nesting and stainless steel technology applies, except this set includes a 5 liter graduated pot, 8.5 liter graduated pot, two lids, and a 10in tri-clad pan. 


Who doesn’t love a campfire breakfast? Whip up your bacon, eggs, pancakes, or hashbrowns for all with the Steel Skillet. Available in 15” or 20” diameter, this skillet is tough enough to handle the flames and durable enough to handle high-volume cooking. Go ahead, give it all you’ve got - the Steel Skillet can handle it.


You can’t go wrong with a Dutch Oven. Nestle an Cast IronAluminum, Hard Anodized Aluminum oven into the coals of your fire (not directly in the flames) and cover with hot coals for a perfectly heated outdoor oven. These ultra-light and stackable ovens are perfect for camp desserts, soups, dips, and even bread - your options are limitless. And don’t forget your lid lifter!


Last but not least, you might want some coffee with your campfire. Coming right up - with the Glacier Stainless Percolator. Perfect for the campfire or stovetop, this corrosion-resistant stainless steel coffee maker makes camp coffee a breeze. Available in four sizes between 8 cups and 36 cups to fit your group’s needs, this percolator is a don’t-leave-home-without-it item.

Whatever you’re cooking, you can’t go wrong when cooking the old fashioned way - over a crackling campfire.