Ode To The Outdoor Woman
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Ode To The Outdoor Woman

This is a tribute to the inspirational women in our lives for Mother's Day.

She is fueled by mountain air, sunrise breakfasts, and open roads. She does not shy away from early alarms; she squeezes bike rides and skin tours between her meetings and baseball practices. Her face is a topo map of smiles and goggle tans and frostbite.

Mother Nature in the flesh, she teaches us to double knot our boot laces and to listen to the songbirds in the trees. She tends to animals, family, the plants and trees around her. Mountains, storms, and setbacks are no match for her.

She exudes joy from her trucker hat to her sandals. She is tough and tender, beautiful and powerful. She leads the pack and brings others up alongside her.

She’s a self-starter, a free spirit, a seeker of the unknown. She wears scabs on her shins with pride and handmade earrings because she can. She is powered by the generations that came before her.

She is tenacious. Gritty. Resilient. She shapes the outdoor experience and inspires future generations to be stewards of our natural land.

She is the outdoor woman.