Light, eco-friendly polypropylene.

It’s not easy being green. People think that you lead a life of asceticism, of cardboard food and burlap clothes, a world of muted tones and self-denial. But Cascadian is here to turn that expectation around. Colorful, vibrant, joyous; let’s celebrate individuality.

The recyclable, inexpensive answer to all your outdoor dining needs, Cascadian’s lightweight, flexible material is easy to pack, stack and carry. It's available in four bold colors, to identify individual settings and brighten up any meal. Chemically-inert and BPA-Free, Cascadian pieces remain resilient in both hot and temperatures and are also extremely durable.

Moreover, Cascadian pieces won’t absorb food odors like other plastics and are completely recyclable at the end of their service life. Plus, they float!



Bright and colorful

Does not absorb food tastes or odors


High melting temperature

Good impact resistance



Contains neither Phthalates nor Antimony

Completely recyclable

Chemically inertNon-leaching


20% lighter than other BPA-Free Plastics

Less dense than water, so it actually floats