Which GSI Stove Is For You?
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Which GSI Stove Is For You?

For the Host or Family Car Camper:

Our Selkirk 540 Camp Stove is the camping stove for anyone ready to go big. It’s our largest camping stove and was designed with special attention to cooking for large groups—this is NOT the stove to take on your next backpacking expedition! Sturdy and durable, it’s built with two powerful burners that will allow you to get simmering and boiling in no time. Pro tip: Try using two 10” Bugaboo square frypans side-by-side for a full griddle-style cooking surface. 


For the Backpacker

Our Pinnacle and Glacier stoves are the most compact and lightweight stoves that GSI has to offer. Three variations offer activity-specific functionality. Our Pinnacle stove is purpose-made for backpacking, and our Glacier Stove is a more general, all-purpose canister stove. The Pinnacle Canister Stove is great for boiling in narrow and tall backpacking boilers/cookpots, while the Pinnacle 4-Season Stove adds functionality at cold temperatures and at elevation. Both fit in many of our nestling cooksets to save space in your pack. The Glacier Camp Stove is less compact, but is best for spreading heat and cooking in wider pots and pans. The three variations give you choices for backpacking trips of all kinds, or quick and light camping trips where space is limited. 


For the Well-Prepared

The Pinnacle Dualist II comes with everything you and your partner might need for a full-blown meal while out camping or backpacking. Compatible and small enough to take on your long treks, it also has the equipment needed for a van-type campout, making it perfect for whatever situation you may find yourself in. The nestling package comes with a 1.8L non-stick pot, which fits two 20 oz wide-mouth mugs with insulated sleeves and lids, two 20 oz bowls, a couple of Foons – our folding spork – and a carry bag that doubles as a sink. All that and it still has room for your fuel canister.

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