Spice Up Your Life With These Travel Spice And Condiment Containers
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Spice Up Your Life With These Travel Spice And Condiment Containers

Cooking at camp is no excuse to make bland food. But spicing up your favorite dishes doesn’t require bringing your entire pantry along, either. With the right tools, your spice cupboard and favorite condiments can travel with you wherever you go - without the clunky bottles or messy spills.




Let’s start simple: when you’re cooking at camp, you’re going to want some salt and pepper. Don’t be the person seasoning your camp dinner with the ceramic salt shaker shaped like a dog your grandma gave you. When it comes to travel-ready salt and pepper storage options, we’ve got the solutions. For car campers, we suggest the simple Salt + Pepper Shaker - with conveniently labeled waterproof caps, your S&P stays dry inside and prevents clumping. Dispensing caps are easy to remove, so you can shake, refill, shake, repeat. If backpacking is more your thing, we recommend the Ultralight Salt + Pepper Shaker - the ultra-compact dual-chambered shaker that fits in the smallest of pack pockets. And if you prefer to err on the side of gourmet when cooking in the wild, you’ll love the small but mighty Peppermill to yield freshly ground pepper to your outdoor dishes. 




Let’s face it, you didn’t click on this blog because the only seasonings you use are salt and pepper. We know you like to sprinkle on the garlic powder, add a dash of oregano, or shake on the chili flakes onto your favorite campsite dishes. So we made the ultimate camp spice container: the Spice Missile. Six individual spice compartments protect your precious seasonings from the elements and convenient filler cap makes it easy to refill once your signature spice runs low. Clever modular design is infinitely expandable and included spice labels means you’ll never confuse your cumin and curry powder again. And if the Spice Missile just isn’t big enough to contain your spice and seasoning needs, opt for the larger (but similarly designed) Spice Rocket. Spice on, my friend.




But wait, there’s more! All you camp chefs out there also need a convenient container to bring your oils, sauces, dressings, and condiments. Nobody wants to haul a giant bottle of olive oil or three to the backcountry, so many decide to sacrifice flavor for convenience. Nonsense! With the Soft Sided Condiment Bottle Set, you’ll never have to lug glass bottles from your pantry to the campsite again. Load up your cooking oils and sauces in these convenient squeeze bottles, equipped with twist or squirt lids to suit your culinary needs. Avocado oil? Check. Soy sauce? Check. Your homemade salad dressing? Check. Shampoo? Why not! The choices are endless with these handy bottles. Destination: flavor town.



With your spices, seasonings, and sauces in tow, there’s no stopping you and your backcountry recipes. Tag us in your camp cooking photos and let us see what you’re whipping up!

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