Make Your Next Camping Trip Feel Like Glamping
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Make Your Next Camping Trip Feel Like Glamping

Glamping - or at least pretending to glamp - is all the rage for Instagrammers and bloggers alike. While glamping takes a lot of effort (and sometimes a lot of airbnb fees), you can still get your great photo ops and fancy feelings from a simple tent camping trip or a run down cabin in the woods. With a few careful gear choices you can make your trip a little more sophisticated - without extra weight or extra effort.



Dehydration certainly isn't very glamping-worthy, and neither is single use plastic. Avoid hauling plastic water bottles with the Microlite 1000 - a water bottle as beautiful as it is technical. The Microlite keeps your drinks hot for 18 hours and cold for 32 on any outdoor trip (because nothing feels fancier than ice water to cool off on a hot day). It also weighs 1/3rd lighter than other traditional vacuum bottles, getting you to your campsite without an achy back from the weight. Rest easy in your sleeping bag knowing you're well hydrated without extra weight or landfill-clogging plastic. Feeling fancy yet?



What pairs best with campfire hot dogs and s'mores? Answer: a fine wine. Or a not-so-fine wine, but wine just the same. Any bottle of wine seems fancy in the Wine Glass Gift Set - a travel carafe that fits a whole bottle of wine and goes wherever you go. Included in the set are two collapsible wine glasses - perfect for a weekend at the cabin or a celebratory camping trip. Clink those glasses, swirl that fancy grocery store wine, and sip with pleasure knowing wine tastes just as good in a tent as it does in a tasting room.



Nothing screams glamping more than fancy coffee - but making your fancy coffee doesn't have to be complicated. Upgrade your instant coffee to cafe quality espresso with no extra effort. The Miniespresso set includes a stovetop espresso maker and double wall cup for easy brewing and sipping. Just add your grind, heat, and watch the delicious espresso drip right into your cup in four minutes - no need for baristas who spell your name wrong. Enjoy that cup with pinkies up, your camp coffee just got fancy.



If there's one thing that can make your camping trip feel a little more elegant, it's this mug. For your fancy coffee and any other sipping needs: the Enamelware Mug. The most Instagrammed coffee mug award likely goes to this rugged coffee cup - but it's also dishwasher safe, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and made of durable enameled steel for years of elegance. This cup easily clips onto the outside of a backpack and feels comfortable anywhere from the crag to the yurt. So snap that Instagram photo without shame - this mug needs no filter.



There's nothing glamorous about eating off the ground. Just getting your gear and dishes up out of the dirt will make you feel sophisticated (but not so sophisticated that you refuse to sleep on the ground). Pop up a Micro Table and upgrade your camp dinner to fine dining. With adjustable dual height legs and a weight capacity of 20 lbs, this camp table holds its own - then fold it down and slide into the carry tote for easy transport to your glampsite.


From a glamping weekend in a cabin to a one night stay in a tent in the rain - a little upgrade can make any outdoor trip feel a little more special.

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