Earth Day Tips
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Earth Day Tips

Here at GSI, we are encouraging everyone to become more intentional about the items that they purchase not only this month but for the rest of the year. Read on for a list of ways to implement this practice into your purchases this year. 


Buy products made from sustainable materials

Look for products that are made from sustainable materials and offer both performance and long-term usability. Some great options are enamelware and stainless steel! GSI is committed to using as many recyclable raw materials in the production of our products as possible.


Understand your reason for buying something

Next time you’re about to make a major purchase stop and think about really why you’re buying. Ask yourself “Am I buying this item because I genuinely need it and it’ll last me a long time or is it just the latest trendy item?” Checking in with yourself on every buying decision will help you avoid unnecessary and wasteful impulse buys.  So, sleep on it and if you and if you still want it in the morning, buy it!


Shop businesses with similar values

An easy way to be a more conscious consumer in 2022 is to shop at businesses that have similar missions as you! When you’re shopping around for your next new item check to see if that business has any missions and practices that you agree with. At GSI Outdoors we are committed to the practice of sustainability and reduction of our carbon footprint. Each time you buy something from GSI  you’re helping give back to the planet we love and know that your purchase is being put to work on building a sustainable planet.


Here at GSI, we have been practicing intentional consumerism since our start in 1985. GSI Outdoors remains family-owned and steadfastly committed to creating thoughtful and innovative gear that will last generations. 

This Earth Day let’s all have a new outlook on how we buy new items. Learn more about the sustainable efforts GSI Outdoors' is making here.

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