Backpacking Coffee Breakdown
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Backpacking Coffee Breakdown

There are (seemingly) a million ways to brew coffee - espresso makers, percolators, presses, boilers, and fancy complicated contraptions. When it comes to making coffee in the backcountry, it can feel like there are still too many options to narrow down. We made this guide to help you find your perfect backcountry coffee apparatus - so you can get out and get caffeinated without any hassle. 




The drip cone is a coffee brewing staple, but we reinvented it to fit the needs of a backpacker. The Collapsible JavaDrip is, as you might have guessed, completely collapsible; silicone cone rests inside its storage lid to sit at only 1in tall when stowed. Pop-out the cone and use any #4 filter to easily brew the perfect cup of drip coffee - sturdy platform suspends the cone above your trusty backpacking mug to drip, drip away. Get the JavaDrip on it’s own or with the Gourmet Pourover Set alongside our handheld coffee grinder for the gourmet experience.




This newfangled drip coffee maker will surprise you with its speed, clever design, and dang good tasting coffee. The Coffee Rocket is perfect for solo travelers who desire a quick and strong brew before packing up their tent and hitting the trail. Hopper separates from filter body for easy travel, and ground are kept neatly secured in the grounds cup until you dispose of them to prevent messes in your pack. 



We can’t forget about the french press when talking about camp coffee - and for larger groups or heavy coffee drinkers, our 30oz JavaPress is the perfect match. Weighing less than a pound, the Javapress’ soft handle clips to the outside of your pack with ease and doesn’t weigh you down. If you crave the rich taste of cafĂ© french press when you’re miles away from civilization, try the JavaPress for a quick and delicious solution.




For those ultralighters out there, you can’t get lighter than the Ultralight JavaDrip. Clocking in at .02lbs, this mesh drip cone leaves a minimized footprint in your pack while maximizing brew flavor. The signature orange feet clip sturdily onto your cup and hold the mesh cone above your hot coffee. Drop your grounds in the cone, pour over with boiling water, and let it brew. No filter required.



Perhaps you enjoy the finer things in life more than you care about winning “lightest pack” or “fastest mile.” If that’s you, may we present: the Miniespresso. Available in 1 cup (for soloists) or 4 cup (for groups or soloists who require a hefty pick-me-up), the Miniespresso set is the easiest way to brew yourself a hot, strong cup of espresso no matter where the trail takes you. Fill the base with water, the filter funnel with coffee grounds, and place over your stove. In just minutes your cup will be filled with delicious espresso and you’ll be a happy, awake camper. 



When it comes to backpacking coffee, we don’t mess around. Try out your new favorite backcountry coffee system and let us know how it goes! Happy trails, coffee people.

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