5 Post-Adventure Tailgating Essentials
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5 Post-Adventure Tailgating Essentials

Ever since we’ve had tailgates, we’ve had tailgating. While the idea of tailgating likely brings up images of football games and college campuses, we think the best kind of tailgating happens in a trailhead parking lot with a group of sweaty, slightly dirty, and endorphin-ridden adventurers. As we head into the season of summer adventures, make sure you have the right gear for your trailhead tailgate party.  




You gotta have something to put those post-ride brews in! The Pioneer Pint is the perfect pint for the job - holding 17oz of your choice beer in a rugged but elegant enamelware finish. Available in three colors to match your signature tailgate style (and to prevent pint mixups).



If beer’s not your thing, you can still get in on the post-adventure tailgating. Park your bike, drop your pack and grab your next trusty piece of gear: the Boulder Flask. Shatter-resistant and ultralight, this flask isn’t your grandpa’s hip flask. Fill this bad boy with 10oz of your favorite beverage and get tailgating.



The ultimate post adventure cup: the Bugaboo. This cup is the perfect pair to the Boulder Flask, where you can sip your mixed drink or post adventure powerup with ease. Folding handles make this cup uber portable, and graduated measurements mean you’ll get the perfect beverage mix every time.



After a long day on the trail, you need to hydrate. During your tailgate party, don’t forget to get some water in your system - and what better way to rehydrate than the Microlite? Weighing in at ⅓ the weight of competitor’s bottles, this vacuum bottle keeps your beverages cold for 32 hours - so you’re rewarded with a cold sip when you get back to your car.



Speaking of hydration, you’ll likely need a Water Cube to keep the water flowing for your whole crew. Handy pour spout fits perfectly on a tailgate to refill everyone’s bottles after a strenuous adventure without hassle. With three sizes holding 10L to 20L, no one will go thirsty with the Water Cube.

Next time you wrap up a trip, know the fun doesn’t stop there - turn your parking lot return into a tailgate party to wind down after a day of outdoor adventure.

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