5 Cooking Tools That Will Makes You Feel Like A Camp Chef
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5 Cooking Tools That Will Makes You Feel Like A Camp Chef

Hey there, camp cooking aficionado. If the first thing you think about when you go camping is the food, this list is for you. In order for your backcountry meals to reach their full gourmet potential, you need to start with quality cooking tools. These utensils will take your camp meals to the next level - are you ready?



Chefs take their knives very seriously - luckily, we take camp knives seriously. We created the Santoku Knife Set to meet any knife needs you may have when cooking outside. First, the 4in Paring Knife takes care of your fish filleting, fruit peeling, or avocado dicing. Next, the 6in Chef’s Knife can handle all the dicing, slicing, chopping, or halving you throw at it. Finally, the 6in Serrated Bread Knife takes care of, you guessed it, your bread slicing. And, unlike a chef’s knife set, this one comes with knife sheaths, folding cutting board, dish soap bottle, dishcloth, and travel case. Yeah, we thought of everything.



A chef never reveals their secret sauce - and now, neither do you. Fill a Soft Sided Condiment Bottle with 2 oz. of your favorite condiments and toppings and eliminate the need for bringing giant bottles with you to the campfire (or sacrificing taste for packing space). Boom. Flavor.



You can’t go wrong with tongs. A pair of tongs can serve as a pasta server, steak flipper, bay leaf remover, hot dog grabber, and more. Plus, these tongs pivot to fold in half for easy storage in your pack. Who said cooking like a chef had meant sacrificing room? Not us.



The key to delicious food is seasoning, and we have the perfect tool for seasoning at camp: the Spice Rocket. We’re not being dramatic naming it the Rocket - this will launch your recipes into a realm that’s out of this world. Three twin-chamber modules allow you to store six different spices or seasonings and keep them fresh and dry. Simply unscrew the compartment and twist the module lid and season away. Of course, spice labels are included to prevent any culinary confusion.



When your cooking skills are chef-level, you need a lot of prep space. Get more room without the weight with the Ultralight Cutting Board. Weighing in at less than half an ounce, the 15.7in Large board is the sturdy chopping surface you’re looking for with meat and vegetable icons to prevent cross-contamination. You’ll be prepping your camp dinner in no time, even if you’re by the lake or on top of a mountain.

You may not be a professional chef, but you’ll have the tools to make gourmet meals wherever you are. Same thing, right?

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