10 Gourmet S'Mores Recipes
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10 Gourmet S'Mores Recipes

For first time campers, the perfectly built s’more is a right of passage - an introduction to campfire cooking. Achieving that golden brown crust, the ideal melty chocolate-marshmallow ratio, and perfectly halved graham cracker takes patience and skill.


Once you’ve become a s’more master (s’master), it’s time to branch away from the old graham/mallow/chocolate stack. Try one of our recipes for gourmet s’more varieties you can make around the campfire and you’ll be a bonafide s’more chef in no time.



Graham crackers + dark chocolate + cinnamon + chili powder + marshmallow

Give that s'more a kick with a sprinkle from your Spice Missile.



Graham crackers + caramel-filled chocolate + marshmallow + sea salt sprinkle  

Squish the hot marshmallow down to melt the chocolate and release the caramel goodness.



Graham crackers + peppermint patty + marshmallow + 1 crushed hard peppermint candy

Or top your marshmallow with that candy cane left over from Christmas, we won't judge.



Maple cookies + 2 bacon strips + marshmallow + chocolate + a drop of liquid smoke if desired

S'mores just got s'mokey.



Oreo cookie + Nutella spread + marshmallow

Open the Oreo, fill with Nutella and marshmallow, top with other Oreo half. Or go big with two Oreo sandwiches on each end - this is your s'more to build.



Two chocolate chip cookies + marshmallow

Sandwich that mallow between two cookies like an ice cream sandwich (but better).



Graham crackers + peanut butter + fruit jam + marshmallow

Protein, fruit, crackers... it feels healthy, right?



Graham crackers + marshmallow fluff + chocolate

Perfect for fire bans or late night snacking.



Graham crackers + sea salt potato chips + milk chocolate + marshmallow

If you have two particularly sturdy chips, use them in place of the graham crackers for a saltier s’more



Rim four Highland glasses with chocolate syrup and graham cracker crumble. Combine 2oz marshmallow vodka and 4oz chocolate liqueur with ice in a Microlite and shake until cold. Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream if desired. Enjoy with a side of toasted marshmallow.


No matter how you stack it, s'mores are an easy and delicious treat for campers of all ages. Don't be afraid to experiment - you're the architect of your s'mores experience. So triple stack that sandwich, add the jalapeño, melt the cheese, and s'more on.

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