Yes, You Can Brew Barista-Level Espresso At Camp!
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Yes, You Can Brew Barista-Level Espresso At Camp!

There’s no need to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate good coffee. It gets us out of the tent in the morning, fuels long miles on the trail, and warms us up on chilly dawn patrols. When it comes to wiring oneself up for a day outside, there’s nothing quite as powerful as espresso. And while you might think quality espresso is only attainable at your local coffee shop, you’re in luck - you can brew your own espresso with ease no matter where you are. No barista required. 




If solo espresso enjoyment is more your thing, the MiniEspresso Set series should suit your needs. These expertly designed sets prepare your espresso and funnel it directly into the included stainless steel mug for immediate consumption. For those espresso aficionados who need a few shots to get going, there’s the 4 cup MiniEspresso Set. Pop open the foam carrying case to reveal the sleek set that brews up to 4 double shots for your campsite caffeination. If you only require a single shot to get your groove on, you should opt for the 1 Cup MiniEspresso Set. Place this espresso maker on your stove to brew a strong double shot in under 90 seconds. 


Sip, enjoy, adventure. 



If you’re looking for exquisite espresso to fuel your adventure squad, the Moka pot is for you. Built with stainless steel construction and easy-to-use design, this pot brews up to six double shot servings in minutes. Simply add water, fill the funnel with grounds, and heat over your stove. No mess, no fuss, just delicious espresso ready at the snap of your fingers. 




If you’re going to be sipping your espresso while exploring the great outdoors, you’ll need a mug to contain it in. Try the classic Glacier Stainless Double Walled Espresso Cup if you prefer brushed steel design for a polished look - or the spill-preventing Doppio cup if you’re more of a sip-while-you-go type.


Set your adventures up for success when starting your day with gourmet espresso. What are you waiting for, get sipping!