Wrap Your Hands Around A Hot Drink In Our Favorite Fall Mugs
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Wrap Your Hands Around A Hot Drink In Our Favorite Fall Mugs

Step aside, iced coffee - fall is the season to return to our favorite steaming hot drinks. And with hot drinks come insulated mugs to hold said liquids. We’ve paired our favorite fall drinks with our favorite insulated mugs to keep you toasty warm from the office to the backcountry.




The classic fall drink of choice gets a classic mug pairing. The Infinity Backpacker Mug is the top choice of backpackers and commuters alike for its lightweight design, insulating sleeve, and sealable sip spout. Whether your brew of choice is drip, french press, percolator, or cowboy style, the backpacker mug is the perfect receptacle for your morning brew.



Perhaps coffee isn’t your thing - or you’re reaching for the soothing tea to heal your seasonal sore throat. Either way, you’ll enjoy the Glacier Stainless 15 fl oz Camp Cup. Double wall insulation keeps that hot tea nice and warm while press-fit top holds your tea bag string while steeping. The sip-top prevents scalding spills so you can safely sip your herbal goodness. Also, this cup is available in five colors to match your tea drinking personality. It’s tea time, baby.




We didn’t forget about you, espresso drinkers. For those of you who only need a few ounces of pick-me-up to launch their day, we suggest the Doppio. Pour 6.5 ounces of your strongest pull and sip away through the press-fit lid. Double-wall insulation protects your espresso from chilly fall mornings without burning your hands or getting wet with condensation. Espresso yourself this fall with the chic Doppio mug.



If your fall adventures call for a day of sipping some hot cocoa by the campfire, you’ll want to opt for the new Microlite 350 Flip. Equipped with our leading Microlite insulation technology, this little bottle holds 12oz of your favorite gourmet cocoa and keeps it hot for 8 hours. Flip-top cap locks closed to prevent spills while you’re toasting your s’mores or chasing after kiddos. If you hate letting your cocoa grow cold, opt for the 350 flip for hot sips all night long.



Okay, this one is for the cocktail crowd. For those of us who enjoy a little hot toddy or a whisky neat after a fall day on the trail, the best pairing is the Bugaboo cup. This unbelievably light cup travels anywhere you desire an evening libation, and stamped graduations help you get your measurements just right. This aluminum camp cup is perfect for sipping your adult beverages and is best paired with a Boulder Flask for maximum enjoyment. 



No matter your fall beverage of choice, you can wrap your lightly gloved fingers around a mug and sip to your heart’s content - whether you’re on top of a mountain or hiking through the pumpkin patch.