Ways To Do Your Part For The Environment This Spring!
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Ways To Do Your Part For The Environment This Spring!

  1. Reuse! The easiest and our favorite way to do our part every day is using reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. All you have to do is remember the bottles while you’re on the go - and this can be easily done if you leave them in your commuting or work bag! We like to have one large one for water and another smaller bottle for coffee or tea. Two of our favorites include the Microlite 1000 Twist and the Microlite 500 Flip! Not only do they come in so many color options, they’ll keep your drinks hot and cold for hours on end. 

  2. Find ways to cut down on transportation! If you live close to your job, find ways to bike, walk or take public transportation if possible. Even making an effort to do this once a week can make a huge difference! Carpooling is also another option if you find you live near coworkers. These alternatives can allow you to get in better shape, see your city in a new perspective and create a closer relationship with coworkers - all while doing your part. 

  3. Stop eating takeout as often. We all love a good takeout on Friday night after a long week, but ordering food constantly creates a build up of plastic and cardboard containers. Cooking your own food cuts down on this waste and ends up being healthier in the long run. You can also view the opportunity as a learning experience to try out new techniques and recipes! Some of our personal favorite cooking items to use include our timeless enamel pieces. Our Stock Pot is the perfect size to cook up some delicious soup or stew, and looks great no matter what environment you’re in!

  1. Go vegetarian as often as you can! Even just once a week can make a big difference in our environment. Meat production requires an enormous amount of energy and water to produce, and by eating it, you are becoming part of the problem. Next time you grocery shop, try to fill your cart with some alternatives or look up meatless recipes! There are so many alternatives out there.