Treat Yourself To These Gourmet Camp Grilled Cheeses
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Treat Yourself To These Gourmet Camp Grilled Cheeses

When chilly fall weather arrives, you need a classic camp meal to warm your body and your soul after a day of adventures. Enter the gourmet grilled cheese bar - a selection of all the toppings you could possibly imagine sandwiched between two slices of bread and covered in melty cheese. Easily please all your campsite guests with a sandwich they can build themselves - from the basic American cheese only to a stack of toppings so big, Dagwood Bumstead would approve. This is your new camp dinner staple. 




First things first - you need a vessel on which your cheese will be grilled. Grab a hearty loaf of sourdough and your Santoku Knife Set for campsite slicing (that 6in serrated bread knife is your new best friend). If you’re campfire grilling, break out your Steel Skillet for grilled cheese perfection, or opt for the Bugaboo Square Frypan and your Selkirk stove. Butter your bread slices, we’re about to get grilling.



Now you’re ready to spread out the toppings and start assembling your sandwich. Here are our favorite combinations:

BLTC: bacon + lettuce + tomato + mayo + cheddar

Margherita: mozzarella + tomatoes + basil

The Deli Sandwich: dijon mustard + pickles + mashed avocado + sharp cheddar + provolone + thinly sliced ham

The Mediterranian: feta + sliced kalamata olives + artichoke hearts + tomatoes + red onion

The Veggie: roasted red peppers + avocado + arugula + tomatoes + spinach + cheddar

The Cheese Monster: swiss + havarti + white cheddar + provolone

The Brekkie: sliced summer sausage + fried egg + shredded cheddar 

The You: combine your favorite toppings and cheeses for you own unique sandwich!

Gather your friends, stock up on toppings, and build yourself the finest grilled cheese fixings bar the campground has ever seen. And don’t forget the tomato soup!