Our Favorite Space Savers
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Our Favorite Space Savers

We understand that a lot of us are limited to our backyard or porch, but rest assured we'll be back out there soon. Whether you’re dreaming for a weekend of car-camping or backpacking in the back-country, weight and space are at a premium. GSI offers some well-thought-out, flexible solutions for making the most of each gram and every square inch. We want to highlight some of the obvious—and some of the not-so-obvious—clever things that GSI does to be efficient with space.  


Our space-saving products range from solo-mission cook sets to eye-opening coffee kits. Here are some of our favorites.


Pinnacle Soloist II

Incredibly light, efficient, and durable, this minimalist backpacker’s set-up delivers serious performance and sneaks everything you need for cooking and cleaning, eating and drinking into an insanely light 10.9 oz. (309 g) package that’s about the size of a grapefruit. The heart of the set is the 1.1L pot featuring PFOA free Teflon® for quick and easy cleanup, and built with Radiance Technology for outstanding heat transfer. Also included is a mug/bowl-hybrid with insulated sleeve, a sip-through lid for easy drinking, and our folding foon (our own take on the spork) all nested perfectly into a welded storage sack that works as a camp sink.


Bugaboo Backpacker

A great choice for your backpacking party of two, this cook set nests together everything you and your tentmate need—including the kitchen sink. Whether your style is “just-add-water” or five-star backcountry chef, this fully loaded, non-stick cook kit heats evenly, washes up easily and nests snug (as a Bugaboo) into its own bag—the one that turns into the kitchen sink. For under two pounds per person, you get a 2L pot, 8" fry pan, strainer lid, two big mugs with insulated sleeves, two bowls, a couple of Sip-Through lids, our folding pot gripper, and the welded sink bag.


Crossover Kitchen Kit

A cook-set isn’t a kitchen without this integrated 12-piece kitchen set, equipped with every utensil you’ll need on the trail.The pivoting high-temperature nylon spatula and spoon graduate from stored to working position for space-saving efficiency. Waterproof, ultralight salt and pepper shaker modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful. This handy set also includes a cutting board, camp towel, compact scraper, liquid soap dispenser and scrubbing pad for quick clean-ups.

Pro tip: This kit fits neatly into a half-cylindrical bag that GSI designed to nest perfectly within the Bugaboo Backpacker, adding no extra bulk to your pack! 


Ultralight Java Drip

The ethereal Ultralight Java Drip comes in a compact design and weighs less than half an ounce. Thanks to sturdy legs that clip the drip-cone to nearly any mug, you can enjoy a quick cup of pour-over coffee with all of the flavor and none of the mud. 

Pro tip: The Ultralight Java Drip hides away under any standard fuel cartridge requiring no extra space, whatsoever.