GSI's Guide To Camping At Home
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GSI's Guide To Camping At Home

 When you’re not able to explore outside, it’s time to get creative. One of our favorite ways to beat cabin fever is by setting up camp at home! This includes setting up a cozy makeshift campsite and creating some fan-favorite campfire recipes. Here are some of our favorite tips to get your camp on at home: 



  • If you don’t have outdoor access, try setting up your tent in your living room.  Plop the opening in front of the TV for an exciting theatre setup.

  • Gather all necessary supplies to make this as comfortable as possible, especially flashlights/headlamps and some bug spray! 

  • Pile up all the fluffy blankets and pillows your heart desires, no lugging around equipment this time around!

  • Hang some string lights at the top of your tent for an extra cozy atmosphere.

  • Lie back and enjoy the stars, if they’re visible. How often do you take the time to do this?!

  • Share some scary stories to really get into the camping spirit.

  • Lastly, leave all cell phones outside of the tent until the morning. Try to stay as disconnected as possible and live in the moment!



Now more than ever, we have time to slow down and enjoy ourselves with our family and loved ones. Make that recipe you’ve been craving, build a campfire, toast some marshmallows—just for the fun of it! You don’t want to forget your favorite GSI drinking gear as well, these items will be sure to glamp out the campsite and keep you hydrated.

We’ve compiled a list of our go-to recipes you’ll need for backyard cooking. Your kids will love helping you build a campfire, your family and friends will love the recipes, and the change of pace will undoubtedly bring some joy into everyone’s day.

Some of our favorite camp recipes for you to try out: