Find Your Perfect Camp Mug Match
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Find Your Perfect Camp Mug Match

A good mug is hard to find. Many factors define the perfect camp mug: weight, insulation, handle size, sipability. You can get overwhelmed in the camp gear section if you aren’t careful. That’s why we’ve assembled an easy mug matching list to pair you with your new favorite camping mug. Are you ready?



Whether you’re an ultralighter or you like to sacrifice your back for some extra creature comforts, we see you. You need the Infinity Backpacker - the lightweight, insulated mug of choice for backpackers everywhere. This 17oz mug includes insulated sleeve with handle (perfect for clipping onto a pack) and sealable sip lid. This mug weighs in at 3.5oz and is tougher than tough for through hiking, ultralight trips, or just an overnight at your favorite backcountry spot.



When car camping, you care less about weight and more about quality. The Glacier Stainless Camp Cup is for you - classic, elegant, and super insulating. Sip-through lid keeps your morning brew steamy for hours and prevents spillage while wrangling the family around camp. Made of durable stainless steel, this camp cup will be serving up hot brews for generations to come.



If your travels include hitting the highway, you’ll have to stay caffeinated - and nothing kills a road trip vibe like cold, stale coffee. Avoid that nightmare with the Glacier Stainless Vacuum Tumbler! 16oz of your favorite beverage are double wall insulated inside walls of stainless steel, keeping hold drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Fits in your cupholder and keeps you going for miles with spill-preventing press-fit lid.



The name of this one might give it away. If you’re a commuter and need some caffeine, the Commuter Javapress is here to save you. A French press and travel mug all in one, you’ve never seen a mug like this. Pour, press, and go for fast, mud-free coffee without the hassle - whether you’re heading off to work or to the crag.



Espresso lovers, we haven’t forgotten you. You deserve double wall insulation and stainless steel finishes as much as anyone else, and that’s why we developed the Doppio. Chic and compact, the Doppio holds 6oz of steamy espresso and keeps it hot for hours. Even better, the Doppio doubles as a trusty wine tumbler for late nights be the fire. Win-win.



When kicking back on the porch of your luxury cabin, you don’t settle for any old mug. You want style, class, and elegance… and you can’t go wrong with enamelware. Sip your coffee from the classic 12 oz cup in one of four traditional enamelware colors and you’re on your way to camp bliss.



Maybe coffee or tea isn’t your thing, but there’s still the perfect mug for you! Enter the Bugaboo Cup, the colorful camp companion for sipping 14 oz of your favorite beverage. Ultralight and featuring stamped graduations, this aluminum cup is perfect for measuring ingredients for your camp meal or sipping libations and watching the sunset. You do you.

Every camper has their unique mug match - now that you’ve found yours, what are you waiting for?