Drink Pairings For Your Classic Camp Meals
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Drink Pairings For Your Classic Camp Meals

We know you probably spend more time pouring over trail maps and researching gear than practicing to be a maitre d'. So when it comes to pairing drinks and cocktails with your favorite camp meals, you might feel a little out of your element. Never fear, we’ve gathered the most popular camp dinner staples and matched them with classic drinks so you can have an elegant meal no matter where you are.




Take me out to the campsite… there’s nothing more classic than a campfire-roasted hot dog when it comes to camping in style. Pair this simple meal with an ice cold beer in a Pioneer Pint for the perfect campsite evening. Choose your brew depending on your taste - pair a pale ale with a standard dog, a porter with a bratwurst, or an IPA with gourmet sausage. Your taste buds will thank you.


A classic backpacker meal, beef stroganoff might be a staple of your camp nutrition. Balance these hearty flavors with a classic red for a sophisticated finish. Enjoy in a Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass or opt for the Wine Glass Gift Set so you can bring the whole bottle in a Soft Sided Wine Carafe and glasses for two.



Mmm, chili. Whether you’re fixing just a bowl for yourself or a family sized recipe, balance out the spice with a white wine like a Riesling. Keep your drink chilled with the Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass as you enjoy your chili dinner.




If you’re going with a homestyle meal like macaroni and cheese, add a little sweetness to your savory with a hard cider. Apples and cheese make a classic pairing, and you can keep your cider cold and delicious with a Glacier Stainless Vacuum Tumbler.

Smoked Salmon + Whisky

If you like to dabble with some smoked salmon - either smoking it over the fire in a dutch oven or snacking on smoked salmon out of a packet - take it to the next level with a glass of whisky. The compact and portable Boulder Flask can get your whisky to your destination, and the oh-so-light Bugaboo Cup will have you sipping in style. Try a hot toddy if you’re dining in colder weather for a tasty winter camping treat.



Perhaps tortillas are a camp staple and you like whipping up campsite tacos. In that case, we’d recommend a classic margarita; but you can get as complicated as you like. You can fill your Boulder Flask with tequila and add to a lime sparkling water, or break out the margarita mix and our off-grid Vortex Blender to make your margs right. Sip from a Doppio and cheers to trail tacos!


Wherever you adventure and whatever you choose to dine on, there’s a perfect drink to match. Check out our partyware gear for your next adult adventure!