Don't Cook At Camp Without This Knife Set
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Don't Cook At Camp Without This Knife Set

We know camp meals come in all shapes and sizes, and your knife needs vary depending on your dinner plans. We’ve assembled the perfect knife set to help you tackle your camp breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (and it’s so good, you might just use it at home too). Meet the Santoku Knife Set




First: the 4in Paring Knife. Small fruits and veggies, meet your match. This knife is your go-to for peeling, slicing, chopping, or anything else you’d need to pare. For your bigger dicing and chopping needs, there’s the perfectly rockered 6in Santoku Chef’s Knife. Slice your steaks, halve those avocados, chop those carrots with a breeze of ease. And for your carb fix, we rounded out this set with the 6in Serrated Bread Knife that flies through sourdough or soda bread like butter. But wait, there’s more! Each knife features an ergonomic handle to protect your wrists and a blade sheath to keep those blades running smoothly for years to come. 




But of course, we didn’t stop there. You can’t have a knife set without a folding cutting board (measuring 9” x 12.6”) on which to prep all your delicious meals. To make clean up a breeze, this set includes a microfiber cleaning cloth with a soft side and a scouring side - paired with the convenient soap bottle you’ll be prepared to clean up any messes that come your way. Wrap it all up the ballistic nylon carrying case and you’re ready to slice, dice, and roll!


Whether you’re whipping up a small stovetop dinner or a campfire feast, you can’t go wrong with the Santoku Knife Set. You’ll never go back to single-knifing it again. 


Get your GSI knife set today, chop-chop!