Back To School Gear Guide
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Back To School Gear Guide

It feels like we were just prepping for summer and now we’re sending everyone back off to school! Time flies when you’re having fun.

Don’t let your student head back to the dorm without these must-haves. Pro tip: teachers and professors like the stuff on this list too! Make the Dean’s List with our top 10 picks for back to school. 



Stress got you a little frustrated? OI’s Axe Throwing game oughta do it! Challenge yourself to focus on something other than school for a bit and you may be surprised what you can accomplish after you take a break. The target can be hung anywhere and it comes with four lightweight, foam axes. Guaranteed to provide a good time, without any holes in the wall.


No matter the beverage, no matter the destination, you have enough for the whole group with the 1L Vacuum Bottle. Keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for up to 30 hours, this bottle is a crowd-pleaser.



Convenient and sustainable? We’ll take it. If living on campus makes it hard to find the right cutlery, you’re in the right place. This three-piece set features a fork, knife and spoon and is made from sustainably sourced FSC Certified Beech Wood. Plus, it comes in a convenient travel case so you’ll never be without it.


Giving coffee on the go a whole new meaning, the Commuter Javapress is as simple as fill and go. This cup works just like a french press, except you can drink right from it when your coffee is ready. The lid is spill-resistant and the sealable spout prevents loss of heat. Plus, the non-slip base helps keep the cup from slipping when pressing down. Never show up to class without your morning coffee again.



Storage can be tricky. Our Lexan Gear Box can help. This storage box comes in four sizes, is made from virtually unbreakable Lexan® resin, and is clear for easily identifying the contents. Plus, it makes a great moving box for all the moving around college students do over their four years. 



Get your fair share in the dining hall (and take it to go, too!) Our Fairshare Mug holds a whopping 32oz! It’s perfect for college life thanks to its secure, screw-on lid that insulates and prevents spills, the carabiner clip-in point for attaching to your backpack, and a cloth-wrapped, foam sleeve that insulates hands and contents for a secure grip.



Have a little time in between classes? Is the quad your favorite place to hang out? Add a little fun to your day with OI’s Backpack Cornhole Game! As the name suggests, this game fits perfectly in your backpack for fun on the go. 



Everyone’s favorite bottle, the microlite is the perfect hydration solution for students and teachers alike. Our favorite for college students on the go? The Microlite 500 Flip holds 17oz of liquid, has a locking lid to prevent backpack spills, and a slip-resistant bottom to keep it from sliding right off the desk. Plus, it comes in over 14 colors!


Practical meets portable with the Escape 1 Person Table Set. Perfect for solo mealtime, this set comes with a collapsible bowl, a collapsible cup, and a folding foon. It’s great for measuring too, with clearly labeled measurements right inside. Everything you’d need to fuel up for a long night of studying. The best part? It all folds down to nest right inside the bowl.


Shakes, smoothies, and margaritas? It is college after all. The Vortex Blender is the perfect no-power solution for anything that’s better blended. With a wide base and C-clamp, you can secure the blender to most tables for ease of use. Plus, the blender features a pour-through locking lid, designed to prevent spillage.