Going carbon positive by 2030 is GSI Outdoors' commitment to going beyond net-zero. We believe in setting goals to reduce greenhouse carbon emissions and remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce. Being a founding member of the OIA Climate Corps since 2019, we hope to help lead the outdoor industry to the path of climate positive. Follow our journey to completing this puzzle and find out how you can make an impact too.

At GSI Outdoors we are committed to going carbon positive by the practice of sustainability and measuring and reducing our carbon footprint in line with the latest science-based targets. We work only with factories that meet the highest mandates for social and environmental practices in the country of origin, and our products meet the highest regulatory standards in North America and Europe.

We are committed to making our products as sustainable as possible through the introduction of recycled materials and capitalizing on the latest technologies to reduce inputs and optimize manufacturing processes. We are continually improving our packaging practices by transitioning from plastics to paper and ensuring minimal use of materials, while maintaining product integrity during transit.

With the ultimate goal of keeping our planet healthy and accessible to all, we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest national and international environmental standards. We are proud to work alongside industry leaders in reducing emissions through our founding membership in the Outdoor Industry Association’s Climate Action Corps.


How are we doing this?

We created goals in 2020 that are now simply how we design and innovate our product and packaging today. Over the next nine years, our science based target (SBT) will continue to grow and evolve with more science, materials, and procedures. We’re learning it's one puzzle piece at a time to the largest puzzle we've ever worked on.

373,355 poly bags remove 500k in packaging by 2023.

157,000 rPET replaced virgin soft materials

6,000 mangrove trees planted to offset the unavoidable emissions.

9,768 products saved from landfill with parts + warranty program.

How are we doing this?


Shop our eco picks

Products labeled with the "ECO" design ball are made with either recycled content, recycled shipping.

Eco By Design

Fitting the Eco puzzle pieces together is our pledge, responsibility, challenge, and commitment.  Products in the GSI Outdoors eco line lead the way when it comes to materials, manufacturing, and distribution.  We are committed to continuing to innovate and solving this puzzle.

A working puzzle, not perfection.

Products must meet 2 out of 3 pillars to receive an eco ball icon.



  • Exceeds current FCC standards for stating “recycled”
  • Less materials
  • Designed for disassembly at end of life
  • Material choice


  • Lowering carbon footprint
  • China’s environmental policies to factories*
  • Solar panels


  • Low sulfur bunker fuel shipping containers
  • Fedex

Corporate Mission

Our mission is simple, "Do Better".  We apply this to everything we do.



  • Materials
    • GSI is on a mission by 2022 to replace soft good virgin materials in 500,000 units with 100% recycled PET fabric and wool. We have replaced virgin materials in over 157k products to recycled materials to date.
      rPET is salvaged post-industrial plastics such as water bottles. It is cleaned, chunked, melted, and spun into yarn for fabric used on our product
    • GSI is on a mission to eliminate 1million poly bags by 2023. GSI has eliminated 373,355 polybags to date.
  • Social Responsibility
    • Institute social compliance code of conduct since 2009
    • GSI Outdoors is monitored by the owners themselves. They tour manufacturers every year themselves to ensure quality and implement multiple factory worker questionnaires/ surveys.
    • Fair wages + benefits, working conditions, safe materials, legal working hour requirements, no descrimination, and no child labor to ensure a better quality of life
  • Parts
    • Although our products are of the highest quality, on occasions there may be something that breaks or gets lost. That is why we keep a vast supply of small components on hand for all of our products. We’d rather you fix it than it end up in the landfill. If you do not see the part you are looking for, give us a call at 1-800-704-4474
    • In 2019 we shipped out over 10k parts/ warranty in efforts to keep gear out of the landfill
    • GSI Outdoors products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against material and workmanship defects. Products found to be defective will be supplied with replacement parts if possible or altogether replaced at our discretion. GSI Outdoors reserves the right to make the determination as to the use of this policy.

Corporate Pledge


Safe and Sustainable

At GSI Outdoors we are committed to the practice of sustainability and reduction of our carbon footprint. We work only with factories that meet the highest mandates for social and environmental practices in the country of origin. Our products meet the highest safety standards in North America and Europe.


Recycle and Reuse

We are committed to using as many recyclable raw materials in the production of our products as possible with a goal of converting 500,000 units of virgin material per year to recycled materials used in the construction of the soft goods portion of an item. On the rare occasion that something breaks, we stock a vast selection of replacement components to extend the life of an item. We continually audit our shipping and packaging practices to ensure minimal use of materials, while maintaining product integrity during transit.


Reduce and Remove

GSI Outdoors joined prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement in 2020. By joining we have pledged to remove plastics and virgin/non-FSC paper packaging from our product lines. In doing so we have eliminated 373,355 polybags in 2021 and have set numerous goals surrounding our packaging including reducing it by 30%.


Partner and Preserve

We are aligned with several national environmental organizations, with the goal of keeping our planet healthy and with access for everyone. We are proud to be founding members of the Outside Industry Association Climate Action Corps which is a collaboration of industry leaders committed to measuring and reducing their greenhouse emissions.

Community Partners

Environmental Stewardship

conservation alliance
leave no trace
friends of nevada
washington trails association
access fund

Outdoor Education

outdoors empowered network
big city mountaineers
selkirk outdoor leadership and education

Diversity, Inclusion, + Equity

black folks camp too
in solidarity
access fund


community cancer fund

Water Projects

the sam project
sea trees

GSI partnered in 2021. Year to date 6k Mangrove trees planted in Mida Creek Watamu, Kenya

What is SeaTrees?

SeaTrees is an organization that restores, replants and protects coastal ecosystems around the world to help reverse climate change. By partnering with like-minded brands to directly fund projects that restore coastal ecosystems, we can collectively leverage the power of business to accelerate a positive change, while creating jobs and livelihoods that will maintain these healthy ecosystems for the future.

Mangrove Superpowers?

Yep, 90% of all carbon in the GLOBAL carbon cycle is stored in the ocean. This is where it should be sequestered to reverse climate change.

Mangroves forests “suck” (aka sequester) 5-10 times more CO2 out of the atmosphere per hectare than tropical rainforests. Much of that carbon is stored in the soil and sediment that make up a mangrove ecosystem. We work with our local planting partners COBEC to plant mangroves in Kenya, Eden Projects to plant mangroves in West Papua, Indonesia, and protect one of the largest tracts of mangrove forest in the Gulf of Thailand with Wildlife Alliance.

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