At GSI Outdoors, we are committed to making better product. We believe in setting goals to reduce greenhouse carbon emissions and remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce. Being a founding member of the OIA Climate Corps since 2019, we aspire  to help lead the outdoor industry to the path of climate positive. Follow our journey to completing this puzzle and find out how you can make an impact too.  

We are committed to making our products as sustainable as possible through the introduction of recycled materials and capitalizing on the latest technologies to reduce inputs and optimize manufacturing processes. We are continually improving our packaging practices by transitioning from plastics to paper and ensuring minimal use of materials, while maintaining product integrity during transit.

With the ultimate goal of keeping our planet healthy and accessible to all, we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest national and international environmental standards. We are proud to work alongside industry leaders in reducing emissions through our founding membership in the Outdoor Industry Association’s Climate Action Corps.

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