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The Gourmet 3-pc wood-handled knife set includes a compact bamboo cutting board with a juice gutter, a recycled microfiber towel, a soap bottle and a set of three masterfully crafted stainless steel knives with waterproof wood laminate handles. Designed to last for generations. The Chef knife has a Santoku blade with Granton scallops for gracefully thin slicing. The serrated bread knife will tackle the hardest baguette crusts with laser precision, and the paring knife will deftly maneuver through crisp fruit cores. The set is contained in a convenient recycled PET cloth case with an integrated knife sheath to protect and safely manage the blades.

3-piece wood-handled knife set

The dual sided Bamboo cutting board is equipted with gutters and a prep surface of 7" x 11"

Includes knife sharpener and a quick-drying, microfiber dishcloth with a soft, nonabrasive side for delicate items and a rough, scouring side for scrubbing

Protective sheaths ensure safe handling and help maintain sharpness

More Information
Weight (lbs)2.1000
MaterialStainless Steel
Major Dimension11.6" x 7.5" x 2"
IncludesParing Knife Bread Knife Santoku Chef Knife Soap Bottle Cutting Board Dish Cloth Case with Integrated Sheaths
Dimensions11.6 in x 7.5 in x 2 in

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WARNING: Prior to initial use, always wash with hot water and mild detergent at home and dry immediately. Use only non-abrasive cloths and cleaners. Do not soak in water as this can damage the wood surface. Sterilize wood surfaces by wiping with either pure white vinegar or a mixture of 1Tbs chlorine bleach in a 64 fl. oz. / 1.9 l of water. Always allow components to dry completely before storing.


DANGER: Always assume that the handle will be very hot during use and after cooking. Always use the appropriate protection to insulate your hand from the heat of the handle.

DANGER: This set contains knives are extremely sharp and can cause sever bodily injury. Always use extreme caution when using a knife. Only use the knives for their intended purposes of food preparation.

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