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GSI Outdoors and its partner brands share a stewardship for our environment with responsible manufacturing and products born of a love for the outdoors. In support of these important sustainability initiatives, GSI Outdoors has partnered with SeaTrees during Earth month to raise awareness for the Coastal Watershed Restoration in the Florida Keys.

Restoring Degraded Dune Ecosystems in the Florida Keys.

South Florida is home to a diverse array of coastal ecosystems, including mangrove forests, coastal dunes, wetlands, and hardwood hammocks - all of which have been negatively affected by coastal development and storms in recent years.

By restoring these coastal dunes, we're able to provide habitat for countless species, beautify cities and parks, increase storm protection, prevent coastal erosion, and increase carbon sequestration.

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Support SeaTrees When You Hydrate

Purchase any SeaTrees Microlite 720 Water Bottle below, and 60% of your purchase goes back to SeaTrees' Coastal Watershed Restoration project.

Plus, donation options for $1, $5 and $10 are available at checkout.