Lightweight cast iron cookware designed to last for generations.

GSI Outdoors presents the GUIDECAST product line, a remarkable solution born from the demands of River and Pack guides seeking to lighten their load without compromising on the performance of their cookware.

This remarkable system encompasses a range of products, including dutch ovens, dutch oven accessories, frying pans, and deep fryers, all crafted with precision and innovation.

The Guidecast dutch ovens are a testament to superior craftsmanship, delivering the durability and reliability needed for outdoor cooking. These versatile cooking vessels excel in various culinary tasks, from baking mouthwatering desserts to slow-cooking savory stews. 

For those seeking a quick and efficient cooking solution, the Guidecast frying pans and deep fryers deliver exceptional performance without the added weight. Constructed with lightweight materials and engineered for optimal heat distribution, these cookware pieces ensure even cooking and effortless deliciousness.

The Guidecast system not only provides exceptional cookware options but also champions sustainability. By reducing weight and utilizing innovative materials, GSI Outdoors contributes to a smaller carbon footprint, preserving our ecosystem for generations to come.

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the Guidecast system by GSI Outdoors. Discover the perfect balance of lightweight design, durability, and versatility across dutch ovens, dutch oven accessories, frying pans, and deep fryers. Embark on culinary adventures while minimizing your environmental impact.


  • Lightweight
  • Cast Iron material
  • Sustainable and durable, lasting for generations