Why You Should Take A Teapot On Your Next Outdoor Adventure
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Why You Should Take A Teapot On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Teapots aren’t just for tea. If you’ve never taken a teapot on your backcountry travels, we’re here to tell you-you're missing out. If you like light, efficient, and versatile camp cooking gear, the kettle is your perfect match.


If you prefer pots for your camp cooking needs, we understand (in fact, we make a lot of pots that are great choices for camp use). But hear us out: kettles are the perfect choice if you’re looking to simplify your gear list without sacrificing pack space or efficiency.



Our kettles come equipped with sturdy handles, no-drip spouts, and secure lids to prevent any pre-coffee accidents. For any of us who have tried to pour a steady stream of water out of a pot and spilled hot water on ourselves first thing in the morning, we know how helpful an easy-pour spout can be. Easily transfer water to your mug, french press, oatmeal bowl, or dehydrated meal packet without wasting that hard-earned hot liquid. Lids lock out campfire ash and campsite critters and decrease boiling times - perfect for melting snow on winter outings. They also allow for gear storage in your pack, fitting bowls, spoons, ingredients, or fuel canisters for ultimate space savings. Plus, kettles aren’t just for water - heat up soup, oatmeal, hot cocoa, or cowboy coffee. Convinced yet?


No two kettles are the same; let’s find the right one for you. If you’re a solo backpacker looking for ultralight simplicity, choose the Halulite 1L kettle - weighing in at under half a pound, this aluminum kettle with folding handle and lid is the low-profile teapot you’re looking for. If you’re more of a campfire chef, the Glacier Stainless 1qt kettle is a great fit with locking handle for melting snow above a roaring fire. If you’re feeding a family (or making enough coffee to caffeinate one) you might prefer the larger Halulite 1.8L tea kettle, with all the ultralight and efficient features of its smaller cousin. Lastly, if cabin life or vanlife are more your style, choose the Enamelware Tea Kettle for classic style in two bright colors.


Next time you’re heading into the great outdoors, try a tea kettle for all your water heating needs and meet your new go-to piece of gear.