The Do's And Don'ts Of Hammock Life
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The Do's And Don'ts Of Hammock Life

If you’ve paid any attention to your Instagram feed, you know hammocks are making a comeback. More than just the backyard feature, hammocks are now travel-ready, meaning they are lightweight and you pop them up in the backcountry, lounge on the river bank, or even camp overnight in them. Hammocks don’t take up much space in your backpack, leaving space for good food, camp games, and beverage fun! Replacing your tent with a hammock leaves room in your pack for more cookware (or maybe that guilty pleasure item like an espresso maker). If you’re starting out on your hammock journey or even if you’re a seasoned hammock chiller, here are our tips for hammocking like a boss.



  • Do Hang It High - hammocks stretch and dip under your body weight. When putting up your hammock, you’ll want it higher and tighter than you think. Nothing’s worse than hopping in your hammock and having your butt hit the ground. 
  • Do Grab a Carabiner - use a carabiner to hang your necessities from your hammock strap. Loop one through the handle on your Microlite to prevent having to get up for water breaks.
  • Do Make It Homey - hang some string lights above you, throw on some (quiet) music, and cuddle up with someone you love. Who knew hammocks were so romantic? Oh yeah, we did.
  • Do Bring A Beverage - once you’re in your hammock, you won’t want to leave. Get yourself a spill proof coffee mug, wine glass, or pint and hop in.
  • Do Cozy It Up - the cozier, the better. Stash some blankets and even a blow up pillow for the ultimate hammock snooze. 
  • Do Challenge Your Friends - we love camp games, and hammock parties with friends take camp games like bocce, frisbee golf, and lawn darts up a notch. Have each participant play from their hammocks without touching the ground for an added athletic challenge (and elect someone to fetch the thrown frisbees/balls/darts after each round).



  • Don’t Destroy Trees  - don’t affix your hammock to trees that bend under your weight, and don’t break off branches to tie your ropes. If you can’t hammock without leaving a trace, don’t hammock at all.
  • Don’t Overload - know the weight limit of your hammock and don’t exceed it. Some hammocks are built for two, but that doesn’t mean they’re built for four and two dogs. You’ll regret it when you’ve ripped your hammock and everyone’s sitting on the ground. 
  • Don’t Fill It With Food - if you’re camping in bear or other predator habitat, keep your food and smelly items away from the hammock. Hang food separately from your sleeping area or leave items inside your car - for your safety and theirs. 
  • Don’t Let Your Pups Pop It - sharp toenails can be disastrous to a hammock wall. Use caution when inviting your dogs to cuddle and make sure their toenails are trimmed before having them hop up.
  • Don’t Forget To Pack Extra Rope - every forest is different, and you might find your ideal trees are just a little too far apart. Pack some extra straps to make sure your ideal hammock spot doesn’t go overlooked.



Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can’t go wrong with a traveling hammock. No more wasting time setting up a tent and blowing up a sleeping pad - simply hang and relax.


Hammock on, friends!