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The Pinnacle Pro Stove is the culmination of 4+ years of research and design to produce the thinnest, high-performance dual-burner stove on the market. After the pre-production prototype for this stove won the prestigious Gear Junkie Best of Show award at the Winter 2019 Outdoor Retailer Show, we knew we had nailed the perfect design for those looking for an awesome cooking experience, whether at base camp or tailgating at a football game (when we can do that again, of course!).

We are currently in the manufacturing phase of the project and our goal is to bring this incredible stove to market in 2021.


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Thank you for your continued interest in the Pinnacle Pro Stove.  As you all know, we are currently experiencing significant production and delivery delays due to the global pandemic. Covid continues to wreak havoc on global logistics and we don’t expect the ripples in this industry to sort themselves out for several months. We have never encountered such difficulties in 36 years of business.

Our logistics and production teams continue to work daily to solve the problems we encounter. The difficulties and delays are beyond frustrating, but we are doing our best to solve them and bring you the stove we promised. Trust us when we say nothing will make us happier than to ship this stove out to everyone!

So here is what we know at the moment:

We have a container-loading date for the stove scheduled for the first week of August. We anticipate that this shipping vessel will leave port by August 10th, with an estimated arrival date at our warehouse in Spokane, WA of August 30th. Based on this date, you can expect to see a limited supply in select retailers by mid-September.

We have a second batch of stoves scheduled to ship out sometime after the August 10th sailing, but we do not have a confirmed date on that as of yet. We will update you as we find out more details. Once that shipment is here, you can expect to see the stove on our website and at additional retailers.

We wish we could say that the August 10th date is carved in stone, but unfortunately it is not. There are myriad issues that can crop up between now and August 10th to derail our carefully scheduled plans. We will do everything in our power to address any issue that comes up and solve it to the best of our ability and get the stoves here as soon as humanly possible.

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MATERIALStainless Steel

MAJOR DIMENSION: 20 in x 12.4 in x 1.4 in 

INCLUDES: Regulator, 2 Burner Heads, Pot Support, Upper Windscreen, Side Windscreens, Igniter, Handle, 2 Flame Adjusters

FUEL: Propane

FUEL TYPE: Canister

BEST USE: overland, car, and base camping


- Packs down to 1.4”

- Dual 11k BTU compact regulated propane burners

- Dual piezo ignition

- Includes unique non-stick coated drip pan for easy, low-water clean-up

- Suitable for all propane 1lb fuel canisters or LPG tanks with appropriate adaptor

- Folding locking legs for full height tabletop cooking and efficient storage

- Integrated carry handle for ease of transport
- Durable storage sleeve for additional protection 



The bulky camp stove is a thing of the past with the Pinnacle Pro. The ultra-sleek and modern design of this stove takes up about 50% less space than your typical camping stove, measuring a compact 20” x 12.4” x 1.4”, allowing for easy storage and freeing up tons of space in your gearbox. Yet with the flip of the legs and cover, it converts to a full-size professional grade camp stove.


Don’t let the compact profile of this 9.5 pound stove fool you. We didn’t compromise on functionality or durability in our design—this stove will stand up to the most rugged of conditions. Our innovative design coupled with a rugged build of stainless steel, die cast alloy and steel offer up a stove that will provide years of reliable use.


The patent-pending ultra-thin high output 11,000 BTU burners are the key to the compactness of this stove. Yet they still offer quick and efficient heating of anything you might be cooking up for the crowd. The stove connects to standard 1 lb propane tank and the shielded quick-ignition button gets dinner going in no time.

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