Timeless Outdoor Kitchenware

Sure, it might look a little old-fashioned, but we like to think of our Enamelware as epitomizing classical beauty. Perfection takes time and with its heavy-gauge steel base and speckled enamel finish, these pieces will maintain their beauty for years to come.

Inspired by traditional Graniteware, our Enamelware blends old-fashioned charm and functionality into one sturdy package. Built from heavy-gauge steel with a classic speckled enamel finish, every piece has been kiln-hardened twice at over 1000° F to stand up to scratches and chipping. Plus, three-ply construction maximizes heat distribution for even cooking.


Kiln-Hardened Vitreous Enamel

  • Twice kiln-hardened at 1000° F
  • Bright color
  • Classic speckled finish
  • Chip and scratch resistant

Heavy-Gauge Steel

  • Three-ply construction
  • Even-heating
  • Old-fashioned charm
  • Timeless style
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