Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 8, 2020

Father’s Day is just around the corner! To make your gift-giving more fun, we’ve curated a list of six things we’re sure will satisfy every kind of outdoorsy dad. Let’s take the day to honor fatherhood and celebrate all of the fathers out there! 

  1. The Selkirk 540/ 460 - This is an award-winning two-burner, propane camp stove that is highly reliable and conveniently folds up for easy transportation. It features precise control valves, allowing your camp cook (that’s you, Dad) to perfect all of his favorite recipes.

  1. Pinnacle Camper - This camping cookware set includes everything a four-person group needs for a campside meal. The full set includes a pot, 2 strainer lids, a fry pan, mugs with insulated sleeves, 4 bowls, a pot gripper and welded sink. Like always, all of these items neatly pack away for space-saving convenience.

  1. Boulder Flasks - These extremely lightweight and rugged flasks will be your dad’s go-to vessel for packable hydration. Now he can conveniently and easily carry his favorite beverage on all of his adventures. It looks pretty cool too. 

  1. Pinnacle Dualist HS - This is the essential backpacker solution for two, the set comes with everything needed to cook and eat on the trail. It includes a boiler and pot, along with all eating utensils and tableware for two: mugs with insulated sleeves, two bowls, sip-it tops, folding spoons and a welded sink. 

  1. Commuter JavaPress - This is the perfect to-go mug for those busy bees, or anyone who can’t leave home without their joe.  Brew up your favorite drink AND drink it from the same vessel. Convenience at its finest!

  1. Santoku Knife Set - With this set of knives, your dad will be set to slice and dice everything he needs to create his favorite camping meals. The perfect gift for the dad who loves to cook, he’ll be left with no limitations!



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